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Who Wants a Tortoise?

Perfect Picture Book Friday
whowants.jpegWho Wants a Tortoise? (Alfred A. Knofp, 2016) by Dave Keane and illustrated by K.G. Campbell is a fun twist on the pet picture book.

The little girl wants a puppy, but she gets a tortoise instead. She had plans for a puppy. She had names for a puppy. Tortoises can’t play fetch or give kisses. How can you have an adventure with them?

Dave Keane is an author/illustrator. You can read his bio here. It’s fun that he and his family have a tortoise.

I love the extra in the endpapers that K.G. Campbell included as well as the expressions on this little girl. He’s also an author/illustrator. You can see the variety of his illustration styles just by looking at his book covers.

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