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The Third Twin

3rdtwin.jpgIt was the title that drew my attention to The Third Twin (Delacorte, 2015) by CJ Omololu. And the insides rewarded me in this fascinating book.
Told from the viewpoint of Lexie, their fun and games with “Alicia”–the made up triplet–go horribly wrong when a boy who “Alicia” escapes from turns up murdered the next night. How can Lexie not suspect her identical twin Ava of killing him when she’s shown a video of a girl who looks just like her at the scene? Lexie knows she wasn’t there. But Ava denies being there, too.
I loved the multiple twists in this story of a girl caught in a nightmare.
If you like mysteries such as the ones April Henry writes, you’ll like this one, too.
Visit the author at her site and you can find out the source of her interesting last name.

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