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Space Case

spacecase.jpgSpace Case (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2014) by Stuart Gibbs is literally out-of-this-world, like on the moon. This scifi adventure/mystery is chock full of humor despite the seriousness of the situation.
Main character, twelve-year-old Dash, is stuck on Moon Base Alpha, which doesn’t match up to the promotional brochures; in fact, it’s so boring, he looks forward to school. That all changes when scientist Dr. Holtz “walks” out an airlock in the middle of the night. Since Dash overheard Dr. Holtz talking excitedly the night before, he knows the scientist has to have been murdered. But no one on base will believe him. And he’s not allowed to share the news with anyone on earth. In fact, he’s not supposed to talk about it at all. But if Dash is right, there’s a killer loose on base.
It’s a fun read. And, I just love the cover, Art Directed by Lucy Cummins.
If you want to learn about author Stuart Gibbs or want to check out his other books, go to his website here and/or read an interview of him here.

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