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A Snicker of Magic

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday
SnickerofmagicA Snicker of Magic (Scholastic Press, 2014) by Natalie Lloyd reminds me a bit of Savvy by Ingrid Law–I think it’s Natalie’s wonderful use of language. I like the fullness of hope in this story, too.
Felicity Pickle sees and collects words from everywhere, like magic. And magic might just be what she is looking for. She and her little sister Frannie Jo are facing yet another new town and new school. But this time is different–Midnight Gulch is the town where their mother grew up. Maybe they’ll get to stay. And, maybe Felicity can undo the curse that sent the magic away all those years ago.
This is author Natalie Lloyd’s first book, but according to her blog we can expect more as she’s working on revisions… Yea! And you should take a look at her blog just to see pictures of her dog Biscuit.

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