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Marvelous Middle Grade Monday
rose.jpgRose (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2013) by Holly Webb is book one in a charming series that first came out in the UK and we’re fortunate it made it’s way across the pond.
10-year-old Rose is thrilled to be leaving the orphanage to go earn her own living as a maid–it’s her dream of an ordinary life. But the master is a magician and the house hums with magic. Rose finds she can understand the master’s cat and he can understand her. Next, Rose turns out to be better than the master’s apprentice at magic, even though she doesn’t want to have any magic. But when girls are missing all over, and when one of them happens to be a friend of hers, Rose will do what she has to do.
Check out all the other books on Holly Webb’s site–there are 3 more Rose books and lots of other books. Something else fun on Holly’s site is the pictures of her pets. Go here and click on the picture of the cat in the frame on the mantel.
Oh, and I just found this article about Holly’s top tips for writing stories set in the past.

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