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Enchanted-NewEnchanted (Harcourt, 2012) by Alethea Kontis is the ultimate fractured fairytale, although not just one fairytale, but a whole magic sackful stirred together to make a delectable stew.
Sunday Woodcutter is the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter and what she writes has a tendency to come true. Her family doesn’t want to listen to her stories, but Sunday meets a frog named Grumble who does. He’s obviously a man under an enchantment. The two fall in love and he becomes a man again. Unfortunately, he is the last man that her family would accept–he’s the prince whose family is responsible for the death of Sunday’s oldest brother Jack.
I loved this book and am so excited that there’s a sequel already out. It’s called Hero. Hero-Cover
And in February, the 3rd book in the Woodcutter series will be out–it’s titled Dearest.Dearest-cover
Bestselling Author Alethea Kontis is very active in social media and has other books out as well. Check her out on her website and on her literary agency’s site where her bio is so much fun.

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