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Silly Frilly Grandma Tilly

Silly_Frilly_GTSilly Frilly Grandma Tilly (Flash Light Press, 2012) by Laurie A. Jacobs and illustrated by Anne Jewett is a fun read with fun illustrations. Here’s a quote:
“Grandma Tillie says she is too old to play games.
She says all she likes to do is sit and knit.”
But once the parents are gone, she disappears and out comes the lady with the bright pink hair and it’s The Tillie Vanilly Show, including dancing. Next up is the lady with the lampshade hat and Chef Silly Tillie’s Diner, including singing. Madame Frilly Tillie comes to make them gooooorgeous in the bath. Kid narrator wonders who will come to put them to bed. Chole wants plain Grandma Tillie. To the end Grandma Tillie denies dancing, but when Sophie closes her eyes, she’s sure she hears her Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie dancing.
The book has been announced as a winner of the Gelett Burgess Center Children’s Book Award.
Read more about author Laurie A. Jacobs here.
Learn about illustrator Anne Jewett here.

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