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Double Vision

Secret Agents – Junior Style


Double Vision (Harper, 2012) by F.T. Bradley is the first book in a very fun series. On the first page, 12-year-old Linc tells us a field trip to a chicken farm ends up changing his life. Funny, right? And the rest of the book does NOT disappoint.
Here’s a brief intro:
Lincoln wanted to be good on the field trip, but when the farmer wouldn’t let them near the chickens, temptation was just too great–Linc pushed the big lever which let the chickens out of their cages. To get his family out of the resulting lawsuit, Linc agrees to go with two secret agents on a trip across the world.
I loved book one with it’s unexpected twists and humor.
doublevision711.pngThe next book Double Vision Code Name 711 just came out last month–I need to get it. There’s a website where you can keep up on the books:
You can also check out the author’s website here:

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