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Cat Girl’s Day Off

catgirl.jpgCat Girl’s Day Off (Tu Books, 2012) by Kimberly Pauley has a main character who can hear cats speak. Add to that fun, cat analogies, and a movie being filmed at school, and what’s not to like?
Here’s a brief description:
Natalie Ng can hear cats speak. Although in her super-talented family that’s probably only a Class D “party trick” talent. Nothing compared to her older sister Viv’s Class A talents of truth divination, levitation and X-ray vision. Nor her 12- year-old sister’s Class B chameleon blending ability. Natalie doesn’t want people besides her best friends, Oscar and Melly, to know about her ability, but when one of the movie stars filming at her high school has a cat claiming the woman is an imposter, how can Natalie not get involved? Even if it means revealing her talent.
Kimberly is the author of the Sucks to Be Me Series. Her newest book is called Ask Me and sounds fascinating: “Ask Aria Morse anything…and she’ll have to tell you.” Read more about the author and her books at

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