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crunch.jpgCrunch (Katherine Tegan Books, 2010) by Leslie Connor is one of those books I’ll be rereading again and again. It was very, very good!
14-year-old Dewey and his 5 siblings, ranging in age from 5 to 18, are alone. Mom has gone with Dad on his long haul truck for their 20th anniversary. But what is supposed to be a short trip becomes something else when there’s no fuel. Dewey and younger brother Vince were simply keeping the Mariss Bike Barn going, but now everyone is coming to get bikes repaired. The roads are empty, even the freeway. When will their parents be able to come home?
Don’t miss out on this near future story that also has some mysteries going on!
You can read about the author and her other books on her site, where I learned her favorite treat is dark chocolate. Yumm!

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