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Flora’s Very Windy Day

flora_cover.gifFlora’s Very Windy Day (Clarion, 2010) by Jeanne Birdsall and illustrated by Matt Phelan is very sweet. The drawings are lovely. Most older siblings will relate to Flora. Here’s a description of the story:
Flora is mad because her little brother got into her paints again. Mom not sympathic “I told you to keep them…” She sends Flora outside, but Flora says it is so windy, she’ll be blown away. Mom makes her go anyway and take Crispin. The wind tries to blow her away, but she tells her it can’t ’cause of her special red boots, but points out Crispin is only wearing purple boots, so the wind takes him. Flora kicks off her boots to chase him. A dragonfly, a sparrow, a rainbow, a cloud, an eagle, the man in the moon, the wind all want Crispin, but Flora decides she needs to take him home. She tells her mom she decided to bring Crispin back. From the moon.
This book is author Jeanne Birdsall’s debut picture book. She’s known for her Penderwick books. She also has a picture of an unusual pet on her website!
Matt Phelan’s work also graces the cover of The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron. Check out Matt’s studio.

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