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  1. Hi there …
    I came across your post as I was browsing. Kinda a little upset because I am happy with the pen name I chose and a who I thought was a ‘ friend ‘ on twitter posted on my fb that I was “crazee” and do I get bored with my profile. I think may be they were sorta joking tho’ it got to me a bit since I know I am not.
    Thing is most people online do know my real first name and a few know my surname. I have always wanted to use a different name not to defraud anyone just to have one I made my own. I am wondering should I associate my real first name with the pen name would that be better ? My real surname I never cared for.
    Okay well … would a DBA make it more official ? I want to brand the pen name and I do want it to project the same integrity that is with my real first name. I am still me, I just want to use another name.

  2. Sorry, I missed your questions until now. (Hmm, how to make the system let me know…)
    I think real names often come out. Look at JK Rowling–we now know her name is Joanne. However, pen names are not “crazee”–people definitely have different reasons for having them.
    DBA making it more official? I don’t know. That’s an account or lawyer question. 😉 However, I do recall that tax forms ask for the business name.

  3. Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by. I had the same thing happen with my real name. About 15 years ago, there were only 3 people on the Internet with my name. Now there are so many, and, wouldn’t you know, one of them is an author! I didn’t discover this until AFTER I had published my book, but, then, my book title didn’t come up in my earlier searches either. I’m still keeping my name, because, after all, it is mine. 🙂

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