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My big nose and other natural disasters

My big nose and mybignose.jpgother natural disasters (Houghton Mifflin, 2009) by Sydney Salter is another one of those books where the character is real and unforgettable.
17-year-old Jory doesn’t fit in with the rest of her beautiful family. Her friend Megan calls this the summer to find their passions. Jory’s passion, besides getting Tyler to like her, is to improve her nose. She gets a job driving delivery for a bakery/flower shop (even though she wrecked her own car) so she can save up money and have plastic surgery to fix her big nose. Of course, nothing works out as she plans.
Not only did I enjoy this book, but from the writer standpoint, I learned more about writing. Thanks, Sydney! Definitely go to her site and read about her writing journey where you’ll see part of what inspired this story. Check out her other books, too. I definitely plan to…

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