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Sweetgrass Basket

sweet-grassbasket.jpgYou thought you had it tough?

Try early 1900s when you are forced to leave your father and go to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School where people look down on you!
In Sweetgrass Basket (Dutton, 2005) by Marlene Carvell, Mohawk sisters, Mattie and Sarah, are sent away after the death of their mother. This novel is told in verse and from both girls’ viewpoints. It’s hard for them to have to think in English and to give up their culture, but it’s harder knowing they can’t see their father.
Thanks to Readergirlz for introducing me to this historical novel!
Marlene Carvell was inspired to write this story based on her husband’s great-aunt’s experience. Read more about the author at Readergirlz and on the Strong Nations site.

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