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The Middle of Somewhere

Great opening scene…

middle of somewhereBecause the squirrel got in the house and Mama had to have surgery on her knee, Ronnie has to take care of her younger brother, Gee, who is ADHD. When their only living relative, her grandfather who lives and travels in an RV, shows up. He agrees to take the kids on a trip. But she knows Gee will ruin the trip, which he does. But if you want to know how, you’ll have to read J.B. Cheaney‘s The Middle of Somewhere (Knopf, 2007), which she herself describes as a “road trip from hell.”
The Middle of Somewhere was named a 2008 Kansas Notable Book by the Kansas State Library. Ms. Cheaney’s book has recently been nominated for the 2010-2011 Young Hoosier List. She also writes good historical fiction. Read more at her website.

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