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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Yes, of course I read HP7…


HP7I picked the book up on Saturday morning and due to grandchildren present didn’t finish till Monday about 4 pm.  Some stuff in the book annoyed me and other things amazed me, when I thought, she had to have all this planned when she wrote book one.  My two guesses on which main characters would die:  well, one I was absolutely correct and the other I was wrong.  I don’t think the epilogue was necessary, but since it was there, there were some other questions I wished it had answered.  There was a place where I wish the characters (at least Harry, Ron and Hermione) had responded to the unexpected appearance of an object, which will remain unnamed so as not to spoil anything for anyone.  But overall, I enjoyed it.

I also recently watched movie 5 and liked it.  I try not to compare books and movies too closely so as not to be too disappointed by differences. I’ll definitely be watching for Harry Potter 6 & 7 to come out in the theater.

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